About Us

At Frutarom, we understand just how important aromas are to our customers’ lives. Just a drop of flavour or fragrance can take people on a journey, conjuring up memories and evoking powerful emotions.

Frutarom has worked closely with a range of customers, gaining unrivalled experience in the industry. We take pride in our expertise and knowledge of flavour and fragrance ingredients, as well as our in-depth understanding of the needs of flavourists, perfumers and food technologists.

Dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative flavour and fragrance ingredients, we have a strong track record of supplying unique solutions to the many fascinating requirements of the flavour & fragrance, food & beverage and health markets.

While tastes and scents are often local, flavours and fragrances connect people from around the globe.

The F&F Ingredients Business Unit (BU) has a vast local presence across the globe, with an established supply chain and efficient logistics ensuring we can deliver on the purchasing demands of our local and global customers. Being a global company with a truly global supply chain allows us to be flexible while still providing the highest quality products and service.